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Social Security Aid in Pensacola, Florida

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Dealing With a Disability

Living with a disability can often feel overwhelming. This is why the state provides monetary assistance for those whose situations prevent them from earning a regular income. If you require disability insurance, our legal team is ready to provide you with the aid you need to get financial support for you and your family.

What Is Social Security?

Social Security is a system that provides financial assistance to people whose incomes are inadequate. It helps the elderly, disabled and families whose provider is deceased. We will walk you through the process of concluding what benefits you are eligible to receive from Social Security.

Two Types of Support


Social Security works on a credit system. When you pay taxes for this plan, you earn credits that count toward your Social Security benefits. If you have paid these taxes for a substantial amount of years, you will have monetary support when you eventually retire.


Social Security can also cover those who have disabilities. If you have amassed enough credit and have an infirmity that prevents you from working for at least a year, you may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

Our Skilled Legal Team

The Law Office Of Stephen R. Hogan, P.A. is dedicated to providing Pensacola, Florida, with superior Social Security services. If you need help filing for your benefits, we are ready to provide you with the aid you need to regain financial stability.