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Divorce and Family Law Assistance in Pensacola, Florida

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Don’t Do It Alone

Going through a divorce is always difficult. Not only can it be emotionally exhausting, but there are multiple legal issues that must be dealt with. Both parties need to come to an agreement on dividing property, paying alimony and negotiating child custody. If you’re going through a divorce, ensure that your rights are protected by getting professional legal aid.

What We Help With

Contested Divorce

As the name implies, a contested divorce is a situation in which a separated couple cannot come to an agreement. This dispute may revolve around the divisions of assets, custody of children or the divorce itself.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is one where the spouses agree on the set terms. Since these instances do not require a court to intercede and oversee the process, they are generally less costly and proceed more quickly than contested divorces.

Alimony Modifications

Alimony is the term used to describe mandatory payment from one ex-spouse to another. The court will rule as to whether this monetary support is temporary or permanent. However, even permanent alimony can be modified if certain financial situations have changed.

The Legal Team for You

At The Law Office Of Stephen R. Hogan, P.A., we understand how difficult going through a divorce can be. This is why our team provides dedicated legal assistance. We strive to make this separation as easy for you as possible. Whether you need your alimony altered or you need to fight for custody of your children, we’re waiting to help you.